Our company

Based in Golden Colorado, Front Range Supply is your source for everything from clamps and valves to brewhouses, tanks, and specialty machines.

Front Range Fabrication (FRF)

Founded in 2011 by Dave Novak, Front Range Fabrication (FRF) provides high-quality, precision sanitary fabrication of all kinds. Dave has over 17 years of process piping design and fabrication experience working alongside brewery design engineers, owners, and managers alike.

Front Range Supply (FRS)

After experiencing frustration with a lack of product quality and consistency from dozens of product manufacturers, Dave felt compelled to produce a custom line of brewery specific parts, machines, tanks and brewhouses.
In 2017, Dave Novak partnered with Steve Sparks to create Front Range Supply (FRS). Dave and Steve have spent the last two years building relationships with key manufacturers in addition to testing and refining their products. Now, FRS carries an array of products to support breweries and brewhouses small and large.

So what makes FRS and FRF unique?

Together FRF and FRS provide all your design, fabrication and supply needs from a single source, offering a true turnkey solution for breweries.